7 Pro Tips to Choosing the Best Mystery Shopping Company in Thailand​

You can find lots of mystery shopping providers via online with so many options available. But figuring out how to choose the right mystery shopping provider for your business can be more overwhelming than you think.


If you choose the right one, there are plenty of benefits that you stand to gain from hiring them.

In this article, we will provide the 7 pro tips that would narrow down in hiring the potential mystery shopping providers to ensure their services align with your business needs.


1. Research company background

Just as there are plenty of mystery shopping providers available, there can also be scam providers. You shouldn’t trust every online advertisement trying to sell you mystery shopping services. You should start your research by simply checking out the website like the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, which is designed to protect from the infinite number of scams out there. You can find out plenty about them just by visiting the trusted website like that.


2. Stop by in Person

Although this is not a must do, it is better if you can check the legitimacy of a company by simply stopping by its office. Legitimate providers have a business address listed somewhere on their page which you can check by the address.


3. Check their Profession 

If you are sure that they are not the scam one, then check whether they have years of experience and success designing mystery shopping programs for companies in your industry. It is really important in hiring mystery shopping provider. You can ask for their list of references and peruse the list of past clients that have used them before. It will give you a clear review whether they are reliable for your business.


4. Look forward to their support

We suggest to work with a provider that has an in-house review team. Review teams will assess the results of your program and make sure all the information provided by shoppers is accurate and complete before it gets delivered to you. This ensures you receive a quality report.


5. Review selection of mystery shoppers

Depending on your goals, your shop may require lengthy interactions with your staff or detailed shopper responses. In these cases, you want to make sure the selected shoppers are the right fit for the job. Most of experienced providers have access to a large database of certified shoppers and have the ability to pick shoppers based on their rating.


6. Check feedback system

Feedbacks are really important. They will not only help you measure the right aspects of your businesses performance, but also provide actionable results through high-quality data analysis and reporting. This helps you create a program that will empower you to improve customer experience. That’s why look for experienced companies who can develop both a questionnaire and data and then uncover your specific needs.


7. Don’t be cheap

Remember you always got what you pay for. The cheaper the charges, the more likely it is a scam in some capacity.









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