8 Must-Have Characteristics of An Awesome Mystery Shopper

The duty of a mystery shopper involves performing visits, telephone calls, web-based inquiries, or accessing other means of services of the client’s businesses, acting as a typical customer. If you are a mystery shopper, you’ll act as a real-life customer in order to give feedback and reports about the service and the overall customer experience. Then, your client company will receive an analysis report, created by all collected information, and make effective changes in their customer experience platform.


To become a successful mystery shopper, you need to be good at a few different things. Improving your mystery shopping skills will help you get more jobs and earn more money in the future. The following is a list of 8 must-have characteristics of an awesome mystery shopper.


1. Follow the directions

The first thing to do as a mystery shopper

is to follow directions. You should evaluate the information exactly what the client wants. Follow their instructions and perform what they want you to do within the correct amount of time to get a good report on time.


2. Eye for detail

Aware all the provided instructions before you go out for shopping. When you start your mission, make sure to notice if the customer service person is smiling, if the counter is clean, and be cognizant of anything else the client is interested in. Your report also needs to be clear and specific.


3. Dress appropriately and act as a normal shopper

Don’t show any signs of being a mystery shopper. Dress naturally as an average consumer and present yourself like that. If you are noticeable as a mystery shopper, you’ll be treated differently by the employees, which will ruin the integrity of the data.


4. Be reliable

The ability to perform and submit assignments promptly on time is a must because most companies have deadlines. A good mystery shopper arrives at the needed time and do correctly. So, if you fail to complete in time, the data collected by the mystery shopping vendor will be affected and that will also hurt your own chances.


5. Be honest

Honesty is paramount for mystery shoppers because it is an important trait of great mystery shoppers as well as the core criterion relationship between mystery shopper and vendor. As the company is paying you for your honest report, try to evaluate ones.


6. Good memory skills

You can’t work without taking notes for your report, yet it’ll be too strange or obvious if you walk around with a pen and notepad inside the shop. So, take mental notes first and then you can write the report straight away after you leave the shop.


7. Be good at writing

Every mystery shopper has to write reports. As being specific is important, write the information clearly and make sure to point out the details. Edit your report before submitting and look for common language errors.


8. Be organized

As there’s so much data being collected, being organized in reporting can provide insurance for you.











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